Transfer the Blessings

null      Blessings Forever - Through Love

Immanuel Lutheran Church is providing a no charge, confidential and informational service to all members. This service will help you care for your family; manage the distribution of possessions to the people you love; and care for the ministries that you believe in.

  • Minimize your taxes and estate transfer costs
  • Conserve your assets and have peace through prudent planning
  • Name recipients of personal treasures and family heirlooms
  • Eliminate potential family vulnerabilities and fights
  • Avoid a will contest and the costly nature of undefined intent
  • Conserve the costs in administration of transferring property
  • Nominate trusted representatives


  • Care for Family – Transfer Blessings
  • Conserve Income – Save Costs
  • Transfer Christian Values to Loved Ones

We have enlisted the services of a specially trained LCMS Gift Planning Counselor and we want you to have the opportunity to learn about these most important matters and how they affect you, your family and your faith.

You’ll receive personal support – with no cost, no pressure and no obligation. Simply fill out the form below and turn it in to the offering plate or the church office. 

We, as Christians, have the responsibility to know the facts about the blessings God entrusts to our care.  That includes wills, estates, and financial plan design options that conform to God’s will.  As Christians – that’s our goal.

Please take advantage of this no obligation service to help you plan for the people you love and the ministries you care about.

Please contact the church office for more information.

              Blessings Forever - Through Love