Immanuel Lutheran Church and Preschool Staff

Assisting Capacity Pastor: 

Rev. Kevin Richter

See Pastor Richter's Bio

Parish & Preschool Administrator:   

Jacqueline Illian

Director of Worship/Technical Arts and Communication

Jonathan Illian

Lead Teacher (3 Year Old Room):  

Anne Dawson - 

Preschool Assistant (4 Year Old Room):  

Elena Cafaro

Preschool Assistant (3 Year Old Room):  

Chaeyoung Simmer

Extended Care (3 & 4 Year Old Rooms):  

Maddie Koob


Diane Daman - 

Board of Directors Chair: 

Jeff Oltmann

Co-Head of Deacons:   

Les Redinbaugh - 

Co-Head of Deacons:  

Joe Faust - 

Business Manager:  

Deb Oltmann -