Family Life Ministry

Raising children in the faith, making time to keep your marriage strong and healthy, and finding time for friends and a social life?  Sometimes it might seem impossible to do any of these well, let alone all three at the same time.  This group was created for Christian parents with young children to support and encourage each other as we strive to live out the vocations God has called us into to the best of our ability.    

The purpose for this group is to:

  1. Support and encourage one another in Christian love and friendship 
  2. Strengthen both marriages and parenting styles with Godly wisdom 
  3. Help each other raise our children in their baptismal identity from a young age

Each “meeting” will strive to include: 

  1. A win – each person is invited to share something positive we can celebrate with them
  2. A challenge – each person is invited to share something they might be struggling with that we can pray for and discuss together
  3. An assigned topic – if time allows after open discussion with wins and challenges, there will be a topic for discussion picked for that evening 

Specific Gatherings:

  1. Family Nights – These gatherings are for moms, dads, and kids all together (most likely at church).  We enjoy a meal together and then work through the agenda listed above.  On these nights, we get to know each other’s children better, watch the kids interact with one another, and work through the wins/challenges with both moms and dads present. We have one Family Night every month. 
  2. Moms’ Nights/Dads’ Nights – These gathers are for moms only or dads only (no kids).  Sometimes we meet at church, but other times we might go to a restaurant or other public places.  This time allows us to dive deeper into the agenda above, really get to know each other better, and encourage one another as moms/wives or dads/husbands. 

We have either a Moms’ Night or a Dads’ Night each month, alternating turns. 

Parents of Pre-Elementary Children 

            This age range is currently active and meeting monthly.

Parents of Elementary Children

This age range is planned to start meeting in the fall of 2022. Watch for more details throughout the summer. 

Parents of Jr./Sr. High School

The future plans for this age range are being prayerfully considered by staff and Sparc coordinators. 

If you have any questions or are interested in getting involved in this ministry in any way, please contact Pastor Kevin