Small Group Ministry

Spring 2022:  Titus with Chip Ingram

The next round of Immanuel Small Groups’ Ministry continues in March!  We are excited because now that Immanuel members have access to the new resource RightNow Media, we will be using it for this spring’s study. 

Come join us as we study the book of Titus, led by Chip Ingram - an American Christian pastor, author, and teacher.   St. Paul uses his letter to the young pastor, Titus, to encourage older Christian men and women to be leaders and mentor younger Christian men and women. This theme fits perfect with our “Ministering Across the Ages” focus for this year. 

This study will be a 7-session course, but the specific timeline will be up to each group to decide. 

Phase 1 – Hosts and Facilitators 

Each one of our Small Groups needs a Host and a Facilitator, so we start by asking for volunteers to sign up for these roles.  If you are interested in serving as a host or facilitator, please sign up or let Pastor Kevin know by February 6th! The expectations for these roles are listed below.  Previous hosts and facilitators are more than welcome to sign up again, but we can always use a few more. 

Hosts – you will be responsible for providing a welcoming environment for all members in your group.  Your main focus will be caring for the people in your group.  Organizing food and drinks, providing a comfortable space, and assisting anyone with special needs are a few of your top duties. We would prefer for these groups to meet in someone’s home; however, we will ask for one host whose group will meet at church.  This host will work with Immanuel staff for scheduling. 

Facilitators – you will be responsible for leading the study.  You will have access to the videos that lead each session, as well as the study guide which has all the questions in it.  Your main focus is to engage all members in the group in the discussion and help everyone learn together.  You will also be asked to present what your group has been learning in front of church one time during the course of this study. 

Phase 2 – Group Sign-Up 

Once our Hosts and Facilitators are paired up, we open each one of their groups for participants to sign up.  The days and times when each group will meet as well as the address for the host’s home will be included on the sign-up sheet.  Feel free to invite your friends and non-church members to join your group as well.  

Look for this sign-up sheet to be at church from February 13th to March 13th! 

Everything you need for the study will be provided. The videos are on RightNow Media which is available to every member.  The handouts will be provided by the facilitators. 

Phase 3 – Groups Begin! 

We are hoping to have groups set and ready to go by March 20th.  This allows plenty of time to complete the 7-week study by the end of May. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pastor Kevin