Our History



German Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel's Church of the U.A.C. of Waterloo was established by German Lutherans in 1878 and incorporated in 1881.  It originally held services in the railroad chapel on East Fourth Street, then on Lafayette Street & East Park Avenue (1879), then on Water Street (1879), then on Walnut Avenue & Vine Street (1899), and most recently at 207 Franklin Street (1952) for 60 years.  In 1937 the name of the corporation was changed to The Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of the U.A.C., Wateloo, IA.  It has since been shortened to Immanuel Lutheran.  During construction of the new house of worship on Oster Parkway, services were held at Christ Lutheran Church at 234 South Hackett Rd (6/2012-4/2016).  Construction at 4820 Oster Parkway was completed in April, 2016.