Immanuel Building Fund

Phase 1 had $978,253.71 pledged over three years 2013-2016. 
Thank you to all who donated to our successful Capital Campaign.

You are encourged to prayerfully continue making contributions to the building fund.  (If you have not yet fulfilled your pledge, we urge you to do so.)  There are extra Building Fund Envelopes in the back of the sanctuary--or choose "Building" on your offering envelope.  (This will greatly assist us in meeting our monthly loan payment.)

If you choose to use this option for donation, please consider adding 2.2% of your donation to the amount to help defray costs.

Building Plans


Phase 1 Architectural Drawing


Phase 1 Completed April 2016

What's in our Future?

Phase 2:

This will be a two-story addition, including:
  • Permanent Sanctuary
  • Preschool Classrooms
  • Youth Room


Phase 2 Architectural Drawing